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Frampton Angling Club | Lobbys Tackle

Frampton Angling Club

Frampton Angling Club is a prestigious club which controls multiple waters around the area.

Frampton Boating Lake
Well known for its specimen carp, trench and has produced double figure bream.

Gloucester Canal | Splatt bridge to Fretherne
One of the largest canals in Europe and well know for its specimen zander which go into the 20lb mark and pike which have touched 30lb! 

Stroud Canal | A38 to the Junction
One of Gloucestershire's hidden gems, the Stroud canal hosts one of a kind roach fishing, it has been known in the right conditions to get bags of up to 20lb in an afternoon session. Don't forget the perch as they have touched the 3lb mark!

There is a waiting list so we highly recommend you ring one of the numbers below to get onto the waiting list and write a written letter confirmation to the address below.

Contact Details

Mr. Tom Roper
Tel: 07368 303659

2 Meadow View
Glebe close
Framptoon on Severn

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