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Sea Hard Lures

  • from £4.99

    Savage Gear Seeker ISP Lures

    Savage Gear

    The all-new Savage Gear Seeker ISP Lures come in four sizes, duplicating a range of prey fish for both saltwater and freshwater from Bass to Trout....

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    from £4.99
  • £5.99

    Savage Gear Surf Seeker Lures

    Savage Gear

    • Super long cast design• Erratic action• 360 immediate rotation on spin stop• Wired thru• SGY 2X trebles UAR finish #3• Strong #3/0 Inline single ...

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  • £3.99

    Ron Thompson Salmon Spinner

    Ron Thompson

    The Ron Thompson Salmon Spinner wa designed witht he goal to have a spinner that would be effective fished both upstream and down. With the result ...

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  • £2.99

    Tronixpro Bass Wedges


    Specially designed, aerodynamic shape for casting longer distances Has a unique wobbling action that imitates a wounded fish Fitted with a hologra...

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  • £4.99

    Hansen SD Pilgrim Spoons

    Hansen Pilgrim

    The Pilgrim SD is a classically shaped prey lure. The Pilgrim have proven effective, not only for trout and for salmon in Stillwater and river, but...

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  • £9.99

    Savage Gear Sandeel Pencil

    Savage Gear

    Based on a 3D Scan of a Real Sandeel. Swims with a seducing slim S-curve, head slightly up. On the stop, the lure flutters and rolls backwards – tr...

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