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Indicatiors & Bobbins

  • £6.99

    Prologic Deluxe Butt Klinger Rod Rest


    Prologic Deluxe Butt Klinger Rod Rest, Prologics new rod rests are very a unique design. Made to ensure that you have the very best rod setup. Supe...

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  • Sold out

    ESP Barrel Bobbin Kit


    The highly versatile Barrel Bobbin kits include everything required to provide excellent bite indication in most carp fishing situations. ...

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  • £11.99

    Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin


    This interesting new design features the much-talked about Slik Clip, which is a dual purpose clip with a massive advantage over similar styles of ...

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  • £3.95

    ESP Mini Butt Grip


    Mini Butt Grips are available in three sizes, designed to fit specific types of rod butt. Mini Butt Grips are available in three sizes...

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  • £13.99

    Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin Isotopes


    Designed to fit onto the Bite Indicators in the exceptional Black Label range from Fox, these White Isotopes are the perfect solution for those lon...

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  • £4.25

    Fox Butt Grip


    Fox Butt Grips They have been constructed from a robust rubber that grips to the butt of your rod with impressive strength. This grip is greater ...

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  • £12.95

    ESP Isotope


    These super bright isotopes are designed to fit the slot in the Barrel Bobbin. The isotopes are sleeved in a clear PVC tube which not o...

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  • £17.99

    Fox Black Label Mini Swinger


    Fox Black Label Mini Swinger, Based on the design of the iconic Fox Swinger MK3 but with a shorter arm (45mm less) and reduced head size (40%...

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  • £9.99

    Ron Thompson Chain Swingers

    Ron Thompson

    Ron Thompson chain bite indicating swingers. Comes in pack of 3 with hi-viz.

  • £37.99

    Delkim NiteLite V2 Indication Set


    The NiteLite Indication Set comprises the NiteLite v.2 Illuminating Hanger, SlimCarb Carbon Stabiliser and ‘C-Slot’ drag weights...

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  • £7.50

    ESP Barrel Bobbin Metal Head


    For long-range specialists, there is also a stainless Metal Head Barrel Bobbin. The Metal Head Barrel Bobbin interchanges with the c...

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