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Sticky Baits Ellipse Pellets

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Thousands of hours of scientific research have gone into the development of the Ellipse Pellets, which has awarded them an almost legendary status amongst anglers. The end result is a rich and oily pellet which is designed to produce an aggressive feeding response while still fulfilling the fish’s dietary requirements.

Practically every coarse fish species is drawn to the unique balance of oils and marine proteins within these pellets. Over the years, they have built a huge reputation among elite carp and barbel anglers, so much so that most would not leave home without them!

The flattened, elliptical profile increases the surface area of these pellets, making them behave totally differently to traditional pellets. When loose fed, the pellets flutter down and settle lightly on the bottom, ideal for use in weedy situations. In flowing water, they are best used with a bait dropper and once settled they tend to stay put until a barbel comes along!

Not only can they be used on their own, but Ellipse Pellets can also be added to spod and method mixes liberally. They can also be used as a hookbait with the aid of superglue, a nifty edge for both barbel and carp fishing.

Key Features

  • Unique elliptical shape acts totally differently to normal pellets.
  • Designed to provoke intense feeding.
  • A balanced blend of marine proteins and rich, nutritious oils.
  • Legendary among elite carp and barbel anglers.
  • Scientifically proven to promote fish growth and repair.



“The best is back! Any barbel angler worth his salt knew that these were and are the pellets to use, so when they were no longer available, there was a collective sigh of sadness from anglers and one of joy from the fish!  Well, barbel, carp and anything else that eats pellets beware, because you won’t be able to resist these.”

Size: 9mm