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Starlite SL-5 Mini Night Lights

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No matter what angling discipline you enjoy the chances are that you’ll find yourself fishing in low (or no) light at some point or another. This can be awkward at the best of times, especially if you’re watching your rod tip or float for any signs of action. After all, many anglers will agree that your eyes are your best weapons on the bank and there is no reason that this should change when the sun goes down. Starlite is one of the leading manufactures of fishing glow sticks and isotopes. For two decades the brand has been ensuring that anglers don’t have to call it a night as soon as the sun dips below the horizon and it produces a huge range of lighting solutions for terminal tackle and rod tips.

This is the Starlite SL-5 Mini Night Light. It might be tiny but it certainly packs a punch on the water and in this mini size you should be able to see it clearly up to 30 yards out. The light works on a simple principle. Two non-toxic and non-corrosive chemicals are placed inside each Starlite Night Light, separated by a thin wall of glass. By cracking this glass you allow the chemicals to mix, starting a chemical reaction that produces a bright glow. This glow is incredibly powerful and these Starlite Mini Night Lights can glow for between six and eight hours – or, in other words, Starlite Mini Night Lights can glow continuously between dusk and dawn. This allows you to fish through the night with confidence that you’ll be precisely aware of all the goings-on around your hookbait.

The Starlite SL-5 Mini Night Light comes in a packet with one night light and one silicone tube. This tubing has been designed in order to allow you to attach your Starlite Mini Night Light to the top of your float. When you’re float fishing you can learn just as much about what is on the end of your line from the way it pulls the float as you can from the feel of the rod as you strike into it. This is why it is absolutely vital to be able to clearly see your float on the water, whether you’re fishing at midday or midnight.

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