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Sonubaits Tiger Fish Groundbait 2kg

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It’s a sweet-smelling mix that came about after various discussions and observations from specimen carp fishermen, who were all convinced about Tiger Nuts and their effectiveness. 

As the Tiger Nuts are crushed it releases the natural sugars and oils which help the mix go sticky when mixed with water. This means it creates the perfect sticky mix for either the Method feeder or carrying extra particles and balling in. It also creates a great margin mix when cupped in loose, creating a fine carpet of crushed pellets and fishmeals along with tiny particles of crushed tiger nuts which really gets fish grubbing around.

Tiger Fish groundbait is part of a bigger range including feed pellets, and liquid flavour which can all be used by themselves or in conjunction with other baits.

Michael Buckwalder (Irish International) says "This sticky nutty fishy mix is really effective in a number of different situations. Equally suited to fishing down the edge for carp on commercial fisheries or on the method in deeper water, and also on the feeder in Ireland on natural venues fishing with chopped worm for bags of skimmers and roach, it really is a true all-round mix"