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Sonubaits Supercrush Expander Groundbait 2kg

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Used by many of the UK's top match anglers this versatile groundbait has a number of uses.

Made from pure top-grade crushed expander pellets it is ground slowly to create a very consistent fine mix. Because of the fine particles, it creates a very slow sinking groundbait that is perfect for a sloppy cloud when fed through a pole pot, a great attractor without filling the fish up. Because of its fine texture it also binds well so can be cupped in as a ball or even fed in the margin which forms a fine carpet across the bottom which holds fish for hours, and it can also be made into a paste for pole fishing.

Lee Kerry (England International) says "Crushed expanders are my guilty pleasure, I use this mix in the margins on its own, or added to any mix when fishing in open water, it's like the brown crumb of fishmeal groundbaits, a must add!"