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Sensas Tracix Colour Additive 100g

by Sensas
SKU 00181

Sensas Tracix Colour Additive, This bait dye has been very successful in both the UK and Europe. It enables you to give a stronger and brighter colour to your bait and increase the attraction properties.

  • Tracix Black: Black and ideal for colouring your groundbait in winter, especially when fishing for Roach.
  • Tracix Yellow: Yellow, for big fish on the bottom, and Bleak at the surface.
  • Tracix Red: Red and perfect for colouring your groundbait throughout the year. Good for Roach and Chub.
  • Tracix White: White, for Carp and Bream on the bottom, and small fish at the surface.
  • Tracix Brown: For a start of the season for Roach, Bream and Bleak where there are predators about.
  • Tracix Orange: Use in summer for big fish.