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Prologic Avenger Landing Net 42"

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If you’re looking for a landing net that not only offers strength, functionality and reliability whilst not breaking the bank, then you need look no further than the Prologic Avenger landing nets. These beautifully styled nets share very similar cosmetics to our very successful Avenger Carp rod range.

The 42” Landing Net offers two handle options, 1 section or 2 sections both with precision fitted machined female threaded collars. This net boasts an elegant and slim carbon composite handle, which is exceptionally rigid whilst also maintaining a low weight. This means that the handle won’t bow under the pressure of your personal best capture on your next carp fishing session.

This 2-section handle is 180cm when put together in full length, which is approximately 6ft and packs away very conveniently into half that size. This is the perfect length for targeting a huge range of the carp fishing from everyday bank work or using the handle at its half-length making it an ideal choice for those tighter swims while stalking and boat work. This very versatile Net fills you with the confidence that you’ll always be able to land your catch. The tapered 42” arms of the Prologic Avenger landing nets are manufactured using ultra-lightweight super-strong composite materials. What’s more, the Avenger Landing Net uses a fish-friendly and very desirable camo mesh. The ABS spreader block ensures that net arms are fixed to the handle with precision and strength. Making it the ideal landing net for the angler on who doesn’t want to compromise on quality, performance and style.
Size: 2 Piece Handle