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Preston Dura Slip Elastic Lubricant

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Dura Slip Elastic Lubricant is a silicone-based liquid that helps your elastic run smoothly through your top sections. Simply apply to elastic at the start of the session; a thin layer will adhere to the elastic leading to super-smooth performance all day.

The Dura Slip Elastic Lubricant is perfect for all Hollow and original Slip elastics!

Des Ship has been working on this product for several months: “I absolutely hate having my elastic sticking out on my pole and not running smoothly. I’ve spent a long time getting the Dura Slip Elastic Lubricant right and I’m over the moon with the results. It’s fantastic, it helps your elastic work properly and I believe it makes your elastic last longer.

Whenever I’m fishing with elastic I just squirt a few sprays of the lubricant in the middle of the top kit and it lasts me for a full match, and even longer! It’s an item of tackle I wouldn’t be without now, well worth trying if you’re having trouble with your elastics not working properly”.

*Supplied in 250ml easy spray bottle*