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Pikepro Standard Drop-Off Indicator

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by Pikepro
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Efficient bite indication is absolutely essential for pike fishing, helping to eliminate deep hooking and enabling subtle takes to be spotted immediately. The PikePro Drop-offs have been developed to give unrivalled sensitivity, enabling undertow to be overcome, whilst still maintains maximum sensitivity.

The core of the design is the innovative indicator head. Hidden in the centre of the head is a friction-free ball clip that enables monofilament and braided lines to move freely in both forward and backward directions, enabling drop-backs to be shown clearly. To adjust the tension on the ball clips the integrated thumbscrew can be infinitely adjusted to set the required tension. The thumbscrew has been recessed into the head leaving nothing for the line to snag on when it has been released from the clip.

We believe that a degree of tension on the line is essential for instant bite indication so we have used a stainless steel swing arm which keeps the line under tension. This, combined with the indicator head produces the ideal line tension.

The bank stick clip has been manufactured from a pliable thermally stable plastic that will not crack in cold weather and is ideally sized for standard banksticks and the inners on XL banksticks.


  • Unique indicator head with integrated adjustable ball clip
  • Micro-adjustable line tension for perfect release
  • Nylon-reinforced threads for extra strength
  • Super-smooth clip allows drop-backs to be shown clearly
  • Super strong stainless steel arm
  • Universal bankstick adaptor



We would recommend always using a Drop-Off in conjunction with an audible bite alarm to give immediate indication of a take.