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Pikepro Pop-Up Traces

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by Pikepro
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They say that the simplest ideas are the best and we have to agree! Our Pop-Up trace incorporates an 18mm Bait Popper semi-fixed to the end of the trace in the perfect position to present a buoyant bait.

By using a hooked shaped ‘Popper-Stopper’ the Bait Popper can be easily removed when not required, but really these traces are designed to offer a neat and effective way of presenting a pop-up deadbait either above weed or silt, or simply to put the bait right in the hunting zone of any passing pike.

Use as a normal trace, but with the added benefit of a Bait Popper being already fixed to the end of the trace. We recommend placing the upper treble (the one closest to the swivel) in the tail root of your deadbait and the upper treble (closest to the Bait Popper) in the flank of the bait.

Size: 8 | Semi Barbless