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Mainline Activ-Ade Flavours

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Mainline Activ-Ades, Another state-of-the-arts products from Mainline, the Activ-Ades are feed inducing flavours containing a combination of amino based attractors, taste enhancers and palatants. Imported from the United States they are used in the animal feed industry as feeding inducing or triggering agents for the chemical receptors of hunger. The whole range is very water soluble, giving a very good leakage rate which inturn triggers quicker feeding responses from the carp, allowing us to capitalise on all the aspects of attractions. The Sweet-Ade is designed as the ultimate sweetener, but is still on the same base as the rest of the range. An Activ-Ade and a flavour from Mainline's range are all that is needed for the very best available bait today.
Flavour: Maple Ade