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Korda Kwik Melt PVA Tape 5mm

by Korda
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Korda Kwik Melt tape has become the favourite PVA tape for many of our most-admired big-carp anglers. It's great for stringers, as well as tying off PVA bags and securing hairs on the cast. As the name suggests, Korda Kwik Melt dissolves reliably even in cold conditions. It is supplied as conventional 10mm tape, as well as 5mm twin-tape.

For years as Carp anglers, we had struggled to find a solid pva tape or string which totally melted even in the coldest temperatures, one which was strong enough to perform a multitude of tasks yet did not leave that nasty residue of gunk around what ever it had been tied around, well Korda have developed this as the answer.

It is without doubt something that every carp angler should have a spool of for it can solve a multitude of carp angling problems, for example, tying up the hair on long casts or when fishing with bags, a tangled hair can cost you fish if the hook cant catch hold.

It also keeps baits spread apart for stringers, ties up the top of sold pva bags, ties around a lead clip to stop the lead ejecting on the take and basically ties anything to anything when it's dry with the certainty that it will totally dissolve once in the water. 

40m spool, 5mm wide