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Korda Basix Wide Gape Ready Tied Hair Rigs

by Korda
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The BASIX Ready Tied Hair Rigs are ready to use straight out of the packet, all you need to do is add either a bottom bait or wafter, and you’re good to go! These rigs are tied using the camo green coloured BASIX Coated Hooklink material, with a small section stripped back by the BASIX Wide Gape hook to allow movement and increase hooking potential. They have supple hair with a piece of silicone to hold it in place on the shank and help prevent tangles, and the length of that hair has been optimised for hookbait sizes that suit the size of hook you have selected.

The size 8 is designed for 12mm hookbaits, size 6 for 15mm and size 4 for 18mm.

Each rig is supplied with several Hair Stops and different sized Extenda Stops, to allow you to alter the length of the hair and use different sized baits to those for which the rig has been designed for. At the other end of the BASIX Hair Rigs there is a loop and a BASIX Anti Tangle Sleeve to enable it to be quickly and easily attached to a BASIX Lead Clip Leader or BASIX Lead Clip Action Pack set-up (which includes QC swivels).

Supplied in packs of 2 - Available in hook sizes 4, 6 and 8 in both barbed and barbless.

  • Ready to use straight out of the packet
  • Tied using BASIX Coated Hooklink material
  • BASIX Wide Gape
  • Supple hair with a piece of silicone
  • Complete with BASIX anti-tangle sleeve to prevent tangles
Type: Barbed
Size: 6