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Guru X-Change Distance Feeder Solid Body

by Guru
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When you're assigned a peg that goes out over deep water, your reaction is likely to be mixed; deep water should mean more fish, but it also means a greater likelihood of snags and underwater hazards, that you won't see until you've wrecked your tackle or cut your line on them, and it also means that fish will feel more confident feeding, which can see your bait taken very quickly, without necessarily resulting in a bite.

The Guru X-Change Distance Feeder Solid Body is designed for the unique potentials and challenges of deep water, and will hold your bait load longer, giving your more opportunity to convert bites into catch count, without unduly alarming fish that are still feeding. 

As match fishing becomes increasingly popular, both in the UK and Europe, anglers of all levels of experience are going to be demanding quality tackle that helps them make the most of this excitiing, challenging new style of match fishing.  If you want to get ahead of the angling curve, and take your match game to the next level, Guru's range of X-Change Distance Feeders are here to help you make that journey in effortless style, and with striking success, whether you're a local club match competitor, or a top-flight international contender.

Size: Small 20 + 30g