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Gardner Target Kwik Lok Terminal Pack

by Gardner
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Target Kwik Lok Terminal Packs include all the items you need to create quick change running rigs.

  • Included in every pack are five size 12 Target Kwik Lok and the Target XL Buffer Beads to match. All the components have been designed to complement one another in use.
  • The XL Buffer Beads have been designed to work with size 12 Kwik Lok Swivels and to sheath the swivel, protect the knot and retain the hooklink whilst keeping a hinge that aids presentation with stronger hooklinks.
  • This is done by having the internal bore slightly shorter than the full length of a size 12 Kwik Lok swivel. In practice this means that by pulling the swivel out the bead you can change hooklinks easily and quickly, and when the Kwik Lok Swivel is pulled back in to the bead the hooklink is secures in place without need for an Anti Tangle Sleeve.
  • With this simple, yet effective system another benefit is there is still a little free movement between the looped hooklink and the bead. This means that means that when you loop stiffer hooklinks (like skins and Fluorocarbon) the hinge point at the connection offers the hook bait a little more unhindered movement and more natural presentation.
  • By using the tried and tested Kwik Lok System on a swivel you do not compromise strength and is recommended over plastic style connectors that can burr or cut.
  • The Kwik Lok Terminal pack offers excellent value for money as you no longer have to buy a full packet of each of the components, instead all that is needed is one pack and your ready!

As anglers we all know how important it is to keep all the components that make up our terminal tackle as camouflaged and subtle as possible – and having good camouflage colours and scaling down the size of items like these helps you create a more effective and less obvious set up.

  • Additionally, all the swivels in the Target range features Gardner Tackle’s anti-glare finish to help hide them from fish and make them less visible in clear water conditions.
  • Target Kwik Lok Terminal Packs are available in two excellent colours – Natural Green and Natural Brown.
    Colour: Natural Green