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Gardner Covert Swivel Bait Screws

by Gardner
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Gardner Covert Swivel Bait Screws are an awesome alternative to the original Covert Flexi Bait Screws.

The inclusion of a hook swivel instead of a simple rig ring allows the hook bait more rotational free movement and controlled separation of hook and hook bait. This helps to ensure that rigs incorporating these components work to their maximum potential.

The Standard Swivel Bait Screw has a 7.5mm thread, and these are ideal for slightly larger hook baits.

The Long Swivel Bait Screw has an 11mm thread, and consequently offers the highest possible grip to your chosen hook bait, and is the one to choose with BIG hook baits.

Directions for use:
Simply screw the thread into any suitable hook bait: hardened boilies, cork balled and ready-made pop-ups, balanced hookers and even plastic baits.

  • Anti Glare Black finish reduces visibility underwater.
  • Available in 3 sizes; Mini, Standard and Long.
  • 10 Swivel Bait Screws per packet.
Size: Standard