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Garbolino Commercial Fishery Hook Lengths

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Type: Barbless Power Carp
Hook Size: #12

Finding time to prepare terminal tackle to compete at the highest level in match fishing is a time-consuming task. You can spend literally hours tying hooklengths to ensure you are prepared for all eventualities whilst in a match situation. But fortunately, GARBOLINO has utilised the precision knowledge and rig making skills of England international Darren Cox, to develop a range of hooklengths specifically designed for the UK’s commercial fishery. The UKMA team have just received a sample of the new for 2013 POWER CARP BARBLESS Commercial Fishery Hooklengths to have a look at and here’s what you get for your money.

The Commercial Fishery Hooklengths POWER CARP BARBLESS incorporate the Garbolino wide gape sharp point carp bagging hooks that have a proven track record for durability and reliable sharpness even when bagging large numbers of fish. Each hook is perfectly tied to 150mm length of Garbolino GARBO LINE, with a pre-tied attachment loop at the connecting end. They come supplied on a very clever winder system that fits perfectly into your rig tray meaning no additional hooklength storage system is requires, which also means a reduction in both storage space and no additional excess weight whilst transporting them.