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Fresh Maggots

Original price £1.25 - Original price £23.00
Original price
£1.25 - £23.00
Current price £1.25
Colour: Mixed
Size: 1/4 Pint

Gloucestershire's finest maggots at some of the lowest prices in the county.  Maggots are very popular for commercial fishing, All species love them.

Maggots will be picked & packed fresh to order and then they are chilled and packed with thick polythene bags with minimum oxygen to presume them for the trip to your doorstep.

There will be no long-lasting effects on your bait. In fact, anglers have been using a similar process for years to extend the life of the bait.

Your maggots will arrive fresh with good feed sacks and will keep for at least 2 weeks providing they are kept chilled. Ideal chilling temperatures are 1-2 degrees centigrade.

When you receive your package simply release the bait from its packaging and allow up to 40 minutes to revive.

*Subject to stock levels, if you are using click & collecting please state the day you would like the worms. If you are asking for delivery, please order between Monday & Wednesday for a Friday Delivery Slot.*