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Drennan Bobbers Floats

by Drennan
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Drennan Bobbers are a popular float design that can be used for everything from fishing worms for perch on lakes to trotting for grayling on shallow rivers.

They are a traditional design that was originally made in cork and cane materials. The modern version has a light, buoyant, blow-moulded body and a tough plastic stem for stability. These floats are best attached top and bottom with silicone float rubbers.

The Range:

  • No1: 1.5AA (1.2g)
  • No2: 2.5AA (2g)
  • No3: 2 Swan (3.2g)
  • No4: 3 Swan (4.8g)


  • Unobtrusive
  • Highly buoyant
  • Able to support large baits
  • Green tint
Size: 1.2g | 1.5AA