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Delkim D-Lok V2 Quick Release System

by Delkim
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The Delkim D-Lok™ is a revolutionary patented dedicated quick release system that fits any Delkim bite alarm and allows instant attachment to any rod pod, bar or bank stick, without unscrewing.

The D-Lok™ is the perfect answer to the age old problem of bite alarm alignment and quick attachment/removal. The Delkim D-Lok™ is supplied as a complete set comprising of one shoe and foot. The D-Lok™ feet can be purchased separately as a set of three for users with multiple rod pods, bars or bank sticks.

  • Dedicated Delkim Quick Release System – The perfect answer to the age-old problem of bite alarm alignment and quick attachment/removal.
  • Easy Push n’ Lok, Secure Hold –  Allows the alarm to be added or removed easily from your set up.
  • Dedicated Duocarb/SlimCarb Attachment – Allows direct use of the DuoCarb/SlimCarb with the dedicated reform.   No extra-base required.
  • Available To Fit All Delkim Alarms – Available in two versions.  The original fits all older Delkim alarms and the v.2 version fits the Txi-D/Ev-D only.
  • Special S/S Bolt – Specially designed stainless steel bolt that makes the D-Lok system possible.
  • D-Lok Feet Available Separately – Pack of 3 feet and bolts available separately to allow use on multiple set ups.


Note – The Delkim D-Lok  quick release system is not compatible with Delkim alarms fitted with TX2000 or Tx Plus micro transmitters.

Model: Complete (Shoe + Foot)

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