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Blaze Multiplier Line


Designed specifically for use with multiplier reels and two-piece traditional beachcasters, Blaze Multiplier line offers the angler a consistent, high strength, performance copolymer mainline.

Blaze is produced by using a special blend of PA6 and PA12 polymers, combined these two polymers produce a line that has a high breaking strain but with minimum stretch. The line is supple and memory free making it excellent for handling and casting, it lays well on the spool of a multiplier reel and does not dig in, like some lines, increasing casting performance.

The process of blending two advanced polymers together gives the line a high knot strength and abrasion resistance tolerance too. This ensures that the angler can be confident in the lines knotting abilities, knowing it won’t let them down in the face of a distance cast or when trying to land that fish of a lifetime. The high abrasion resistance makes it one of the most durable lines around when fishing around snags or when rock fishing.

Strict manufacturing processes ensure a consistent, durable line for maximum performance.

  • Manufacturing process makes the line consistent for maximum performance.
  • High knot strength and higher abrasion resistance make it a strong and durable line.
  • Consistent profile and memory free line that sits well on a multiplier spool for increased casting distance.
  • Minimum stretch for increased casting distances and feedback.
  • Reliable, accurate breaking strains and diameters. When you buy a Tronixpro Line, you’re buying the line you choose, nothing less.