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Pikepro Lure Trace

by Pikepro
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All Pike Pro traces are hand-made in the UK using only the finest components and are the only traces to have the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain seal of approval. 

Designed for use with crankbaits, plugs, spinners and spoons. Ideal for pike and zander lure fishing. We recommend using a braided mainline when lure fishing to maintain maximum contact with your lures. Simply tie your lure trace to the end of your braid and clip on your favourite lures and you are ready to go! 

Constructed from 45lb Pike Pro seven-strand wire and fitted with hand-crimped rolling swivels and extra-safe cross-lok swivels. 

Fitted with rig sleeves overall swivels and crimps to create a neat finish and reduce tangles.

Product Usage:

Just tie on and go! Designed for use with all pike lures. Fitted with an extra-safe Cross-lok swivel that allows lures to be changed instantly and does not affect lure action.