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Bait-Tech Super Seed Canned Hemp

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Size: Small 300g

The SUPER SEED range of particles is cooked in the can for sealed-in freshness. The unique cooking process retains all of the essential oils and natural attractants that are so appealing to fish and with NO PRESERVATIVES makes for a truly wonderful ready to use bait.

Our finest grade A seed is top quality and it shows!

Hemp has long been recognised as a top roach attractor but the benefits don’t stop there – carp of all sizes as well as barbel and bream are now showing addiction to the flavour.

Eight different particles make up the long-standing & highly trusted Parti Mix to keep fish rooting in your swim for extended periods of time.

  • The highest quality hempseed and particles
  • User-friendly
  • Ready to use from the can
  • Loose feeding
  • Spod mixes
  • Laying carpet feed
  • Adding to groundbait
  • For any particle situation
  • No preservatives