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Tronixpro Shock Leader

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An advanced copolymer line that has been designed for shockleaders but also doubles up as an excellent rig body line too. The advanced makeup of the line makes it soft and supple which not only flows off the spool well but also increases its efficiency through the rod rings. This supple nature coupled with the excellent abrasion resistance makes it a quality line choice for constructing rig bodies, it does not kink or retain excessive amounts of memory like some rig body material. It is a fantastic line for knotting, ensuring that when tied correctly, it will not let the angler down during a high-powered cast.

  • Advanced copolymer line ideally suited to shockleaders and for making rig bodies
  • Supple, that allows it to flow off the spool well but increases efficiency through the rod rings
  • Excellent abrasion resistance when fishing amongst rough ground and for rig bodies
  • Low memory reducing kinks when knotting
  • Supplied on 50m spools.
Size: 60lb | 50m

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