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Pikepro 19-Strand Trace Wire

by Pikepro
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With pike in many fisheries under more angling pressure than ever before it is no wonder that the fish are wising-up to normal presentations. Recent underwater video footage has shown just how often our baits are picked up without a run developing as the pike are able to distinguish the difference between a tethered and untethered dead fish. Our aim when developing our new wires was to try to stay one step ahead of the pike, and other anglers, in the search for the ultimate wire. 

This 35lb test 19-strand wire has a relatively fine diameter and is more supple than standard seven-strand wire, making it ideal for demanding situations. The low-visibility bronze colour is ideal for our often algae and silt-tinged venues. 

The intermediate suppleness of this wire makes it ideal for all forms of live and dead bait fishing. 

Product Usage:

We advise using our 19-strand wire with PikePro crimps (Q28) to form a secure fixing for hooks and swivels. 

PLEASE NOTE - This wire is not designed to be twisted.

Size: 35lb | 15m

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