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Guru X-Change Distance Feeder Weights

by Guru
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Size: Lightweight Pack 20g + 30g
Guru X-Change Distance Feeder Weights, The Guru X-Change Distance Feeder Weights come in two pack sizes; Light Weights, which provide you with two 20g weights and two 30g weights per pack, or Heavy Weights, which offer two 40g and two 50g weights per pack. 

Weighting your feeder enables you to get down to the bottom of your swim faster, engaging the interest of fish who are grubbing around there; anything you deliver in an X-Change Distance Feeder is going to be far tastier, and easier for fish to grab and snack on, than the natural grubs and other nibbles in the swim, so with some decent weights that are easy to change up, you'll definitely get bites from fish that's looking for an easy meal. 

In deeper water, you're likely to find more fish, who are feeling more confident about exploring new food arrivals, and therefore the deeper you can take your bait, the more chance you'll have of bringing in a match-winning haul. The feeders feature a unique twist-and-click system, allowing you to easily add and remove weights without having to change your feeder. 

This means you can afford to take fewer feeders out to your peg, without compromising your match potential, and is ideal for keeping your on-peg tackle light, simple, and easy-access, saving you vital seconds during a match session.