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Christmas Match 2020 | Lobbys Tackle

Christmas Match 2020

Oh, we know it's early to be talking about the big C word! Halloween hasn't even started yet and no one has spotted the elusive ghost carp for some time...
With that being said we have had this date locked in since last year and we had multiple requests last year to run a Christmas match. So we have enlisted our team Sensas Lobbys to run the match and we want to make it the biggest one in the area!
We have no limit on the numbers and further information about the specific stretch and the meeting location will be announced soon.

  • £25 Fees which include pools & peg fees
  • Optional super pools on the day
  • Meeting location to be announced at a later date.
  • All payments will need to be made in person at the store and ideally paid in cash.
Any enquiries please call us on 01453 791417
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